Pinbottle Strike Maker 4cl BITTER-DRY - HERB LIQUEUR-30% alcohol

No drink compliments Bowling better than the "Drink within the Pin!"

The STRIKE MAKER pin bottles do not only generate additional sales; they also make your Bowling Center more modern and attractive.
Additionally, the STRIKE MAKER pin bottles make for great souvenirs and will remind your customers of the wonderful times spent at your location. It‘s the perfect lifelong promotional tool for your Bowling Center.
- 4 cl content - three different flavors
- Sold exclusively to Bowling Centers
- Free promotional items such as a table display, poster, pin-tray,
- T-shirts, an inflatable pin (2.5 m tall), etc.
- Shipment directly to your center within 3-5 working days
- Simply order by fax or by phone